Breezango def. The Ascension

ST. LOUIS — The mystery of who trashed Breezango’s office and attacked Tyler Breeze has loomed large over SmackDown LIVE, but The Fashion Police caught their first break in the case when the supposed perpetrators left a VHS message in their office to claim responsibility and challenge Breezango to a match later in the night.

The self-proclaimed vandals turned out to be The Ascension, and justice was swift. Despite suffering the combined might of Konnor & Viktor for minutes on end, Prince Pretty gritted his way to the ropes and tagged in Fandango, who unleashed a barrage of chops on The Ascension before the big men brawled their way back into the fight. Breeze thwarted an attempted interference from Konnor, and ‘Dango struck with a rollup to Viktor, thereby putting The Ascension’s hopes — and, possibly, the crime of the century — to rest.