WWE Hell in a Cell

Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler

WWE Hell in a Cell may indeed prove to be a glorious pay-per-view, but not if Dolph Ziggler has anything to say about it. The disgruntled Superstar is set to battle flashy up-and-comer Bobby Roode tonight, in what is sure to be a turbulent matchup from start to finish.

For weeks now, Ziggler has been inciting a conflict with a very formidable adversary, the WWE Universe, feeling that the fans have continuously chosen frivolous, elaborate entrances over in-ring abilities as the ultimate measure of what makes a successful Superstar. As a result, The Showoff has dressed up as past and present Superstars and relentlessly mocked the colorful ways they journey to the ring and the personas they employ once they get there.

Perhaps it was destiny then that Roode, a rising Superstar with a larger-than-life entrance, emerged on the Sept. 26 edition of SmackDown LIVE to call Ziggler a hypocrite for condemning the WWE Universe while seeking their approval at the same time. Roode then challenged Ziggler to a match, and we are off to the races.

The imminent clash between Ziggler and Roode has the potential to steal the show. Not only are they tremendous competitors, but both share a strong desire for respect.

See what happens when The Glorious One goes head-to-head against the two-time former World Champion, tonight at 8 ET/5 PT, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network.