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Braun Strowman def. Roman Reigns (Ambulance Match)

DALLAS — In a match where the goal is to brutalize your opponent so severely that he is driven away in the back of an ambulance, Braun Strowman landed the biggest victory of his young career — but it was Roman Reigns who nearly wiped his foe off the face of the earth by backing an ambulance with Strowman inside straight into an 18-wheeler.

Before Reigns perpetrated the ultimate act of aggression, though, Strowman administered such an onslaught that the only damage he sustained in the early goings was after two trips into the ring post — once at Roman’s hands, and again after The Monster Among Men overshot his man and accidentally ran into the steel himself.

Alas, it wasn’t nearly enough to slow him down. The Gift of Destruction continued apace, even slinging Reigns over his shoulder to begin the trek to the ambulance. The Big Dog revived himself enough to bring the fight back to the ring and finally achieved an advantage by targeting the monster’s surgically repaired elbow with a Drive-By and steel chair — or so it seemed. Strowman initially appeared to be compromised by the steel, but quickly revealed he was playing possum. Reigns swung the chair into his opponent again and again, to no visible effect. Quite the opposite, in fact. Strowman’s anger grew with each swing, and Reigns was once again on the defensive heading up the ramp.

The Monster Among Men proves to be unstoppable after he brushes off The Big Dog's steel chair strikes: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

This time, Strowman completed the trek up the ramp, and Reigns went into survival mode, landing two Superman Punches that put Strowman halfway into the ambulance and drove The Monster Among Men through the LED screens when the fight moved back onto the stage. And still Strowman survived, shoving Reigns back in the orbit of the ambulance and finally moving out of the way as Reigns Speared himself straight into the bay of the vehicle.

The Monster Among Men quickly closed the door to earn the win, but Reigns, to borrow his rival’s old phrase, wasn’t finished with his opponent. The Big Dog roared back out of the ambulance, locked Strowman inside, drove into the loading dock and backed it up at high speed straight into a truck. Reigns fled the scene while Raw General Manager Kurt Angle looked on in disbelief and WWE officials attempted to pry Strowman from the wreckage. The action continued as WWE officials struggled to free Strowman … and then things got very interesting.