Evan Bourne def. Chris Jericho

UNIONDALE, N.Y. - The disintegration of Chris Jericho persists unabated. Like someone tugging a string on one of his finely-tailored suits, Jericho continues to unravel, losing a series of matches. His latest stumble occurred when Evan Bourne took the former World Champion to the cleaners at Fatal 4-Way. (PHOTOS)

The brash egotist had clashed with Bourne just six days earlier on Raw when the high-flyer managed to shock the WWE Universe by enduring Jericho's Codebreaker. When Bourne eventually prevailed, Jericho appeared visibly distraught. Inside Long Island's Nassau Coliseum, Mr. Vocabulary insisted before their bout that he would triumph.

Despite his vow, however, the self-important Superstar simply could not defend against the aerial assault rained down upon him by Bourne. While Jericho continues to slip, Bourne, on the other hand, has only gained more traction, adding to his impressive run as of late.

Will Jericho finally be able to halt his precipitous slide? What actions will the ring veteran undergo to reverse course? While these questions remain to be answered, one thing is clear, Jericho's anger is certain to manifest itself in a sizable and sadistic way.