U.S. Champion The Miz def. R-Truth

UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- Making his way to the ring rapping his own version of R-Truth's popular entrance song, The Miz went on to show the WWE Universe at the Nassau Coliseum that The "Awesome One" is still "what's up," as he retained his United States Championship. (PHOTOS)

With no other Superstars competing in this match, R-Truth was able to focus all of his energy on silencing his egotistical opponent and recapturing the U.S. Title, which represented his biggest achievement in WWE. It seemed as though R-Truth was about to accomplish both in this match, but in true Miz fashion, the reigning U.S. Champ was able to score a surprise pinfall and retain his title.

The Miz had been utterly obsessed with winning back the red, white and blue title after he lost it to Bret Hart on the May 17 edition of Raw, right in front of The "Hit Man's" countrymen. Hart abdicated the title the following week when he was named Raw General Manager, giving "The Cleveland Screamer" and R-Truth an opportunity to capture the vacated championship later that night. Decimated by R-Truth's finishing maneuver, the Lie Detector, The Miz's brief U.S. Title reign came to an ego-shattering end. But not to worry: The Miz had ego to spare.

In a Fatal 4-Way Match on Raw, six days before the inaugural pay-per-view of the same name, The Miz faced off against R-Truth, John Morrison and Zack Ryder for the title. Although victory seemed certain for Morrison, The Miz's former tag team partner and "Dirt Sheet" co-star, the conceited Superstar seized an opportunity to pin R-Truth and earn his second United States Title. Later that night,  R-Truth invoked his rematch clause, challenging The Miz to a one-on-one showdown at Fatal 4-Way.

Although unable to recapture the U.S. Title, the WWE Universe has hardly heard the last from the rapping Superstar. As for The Miz, our fans haven't heard the last from him either -- for better or for worse.