Extreme Rules

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Sunday, Jun 4 | 8 PMET/5 PMPT

Kalisto def. Apollo Crews (Kickoff Match)

BALTIMORE — Kalisto used a distraction from Titus O’Neil to defeat Apollo Crews with Salida del Sol on the WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Kickoff.

The athletic opponents started the bout with back-and-forth chain wrestling, with Kalisto’s high-flying style matched up against Crews’ powerful arsenal. Crews took control early, but Kalisto possesses the ability to completely change a match’s trajectory at a moment’s notice. His repertoire allows him to flip momentum with the ease of turning on a light switch. He counters Irish whips with hurricanranas and reverses suplexes into devastating DDTs.

The high-flying Kalisto takes out Apollo Crews with an extraordinary offensive arsenal at the WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Kickoff.

In their Kickoff showdown, Crews adapted to all of Kalisto’s twists and turns, but O’Neil’s presence continued to get in his way. When Crews countered an aerial move with a dropkick on the outside, O’Neil celebrated as though it was his counter. He talked strategy with Crews after every Kalisto kick-out, but O’Neil’s hands-on approach would cost Crews.

After Kalisto kicked out of a standing Shooting Star Press, O’Neil stepped onto the apron to argue with his protégé, but the distraction allowed the luchador to connect with Salida del Sol for the victory.