Elimination Chamber

Match Results

Time and location

Sunday, Feb 25 | 8 PMET/5 PMPT

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss won the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

LAS VEGAS — She did it again.

Alexa Bliss outplayed the odds, outsmarted her doubters and outlasted five of Raw’s best to survive the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match with her Raw Women’s Title intact. With that, she all but ensured she will walk into WrestleMania as champion.

That she did so is both a minor miracle — her competition was no joke — and business as usual for The Goddess, who, a two-week blip aside, has managed to stave off defeat and keep the title in her clutches for almost a year. Granted, Bliss had one major advantage of entering the Chamber last, but there’s no questioning the enormity of Little Miss Bliss’ accomplishments.

Sasha Banks brings the fight to Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose in the first-ever Women's Elimination Chamber Match: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Before Bliss made history, however, the early stretches of the contest belonged to Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose of Absolution. The only true-blue teammates of the match ran roughshod over Bayley (who started the match with Deville) and Sasha Banks (entrant No. 4). That was until The Boss notched the first elimination of the contest by applying the excruciating Bank Statement to Rose. With that, The Walking Work of Art earned the dubious distinction of being the first competitor tossed from both the Women’s Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber Matches.

Mickie James, who seemed to be Bliss’ own prospective safety net going into the match, entered at No. 5 and finished off Absolution with a breath-taking leap from one of the Chamber pods onto Deville. She was quickly sent packing, though, by the tentative alliance of Banks and Bayley, who dispatched her with a one-two-punch of a Backstabber and Bayley-to-Belly.

That left Bliss alone against a two-on-one advantage, but the Bayley-Boss alliance proved to be as untenable as ever. The best friends cornered Bliss atop one of the pods before Banks shockingly booted The Huggable One off the edge. This instigated a ruthless throwdown that Bliss largely avoided, choosing instead to let the two tee off on each other.

Alexa’s patience paid off when Banks suffered a ruthless Bayley-to-Belly off the second rope. Bliss surprised everyone by instead pinning The Huggable One with a rollup, bringing the bout down to her and The Boss. Banks, the only woman to defeat Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title, gave an all-world effort against The Goddess, but her attempt at a high-risk maneuver backfired horribly when Banks shoved her face-first into a glass pod. Bliss administered a hanging DDT off the top rope, and history was made.

At first, Alexa seemed to recognize the gravity of her accomplishment, dedicating her win to little girls who “dream big.” And then she clarified that none of them would ever accomplish said dreams or be better than her. Basking in her own magnificence, Bliss proclaimed she had defied expectations and odds once again. Which, to be fair, she did.

Now, The Showcase of Immortals lies ahead. For a self-proclaimed Goddess, there could be no more fitting a destination.