Elimination Chamber

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Time and location

Sunday, Feb 25 | 8 PMET/5 PMPT

Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus def. Titus Worldwide

LAS VEGAS — After a trifecta of wins over Cesaro & Sheamus, Titus Worldwide looked to have the Raw Tag Team Champions’ number. The Bar are four-time titleholders for a reason, though, and they showed why as they turned back a game effort from Titus O’Neil & Apollo to retain the gold.

Apollo throws caution to the wind as Titus Worldwide attempt to take down Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

It looked real dicey for a while, however, for the self-proclaimed bar-setters of Team Red. Despite a pre-match attack against Apollo (who has been the champs’ Achilles heel), Cesaro & Sheamus quickly found themselves on the defensive. It took some chicanery from the champions to turn the tables and allow them to once again seize control of the match. With Titus stranded on the apron, Apollo was subjected to all manner of punishment from The Swiss Cyborg and Celtic Warrior. A missed charge into the corner finally slowed the champions and allowed The Big Deal to enter the match.

The mighty O’Neil instantly made his presence felt, taking the match to the brink by landing Clash of the Titus on Sheamus. (Cesaro saved his partner by a hair.) The rejuvenated Apollo tagged back in and seemed ready to take over at the finish line, but The Bar remained just a step ahead. After Cesaro dispatched Titus at ringside, a quick tag left Apollo confused —he attempted the Spinning Sit-out Powerbomb on Sheamus instead of legal man Cesaro — and allowed the champs to execute the springboard White Noise combo for the win.

Take nothing away from Titus Worldwide, who proved that, at their best, they can hang with anybody. But, to use a Vegas metaphor, when it’s all on the line, there’s no better bet than The Bar.