Cyber Sunday Preview Match (United States Champion Shelton Benjamin def. R-Truth)

PHOENIX -- The Gold Standard remained just that at Cyber Sunday as United States Champion Shelton Benjamin retained his title against R-Truth, who was chosen to be in the Cyber Sunday Preview Match with 59 percent of the WWE Universe's vote.

R-Truth has been craving for a chance to get in the ring for a one-on-one title match against the United States Champion. When he was picked via online voting by YOU over Montel Vontavious Porter and Festus to take on Benjamin in the Preview Match, live and exclusively on WWE.com, it was a golden opportunity for the young SmackDown star. Despite his impressive winning streak on Friday nights, Truth fell to Benjamin at WWE's most interactive pay-per-view of the year. 

The seemingly personal bout between the ultra-focused Gold Standard and his determined opponent was back-and-forth from the very beginning. With both men showing off their athleticism and agility, it was a missile dropkick from Truth that garnered him a near pinfall -- followed by a kick-out by Benjamin. Truth continued with his momentum, but was countered by the United States Champion, who took him down hard with Pay Dirt and covered him for the three-count.

Despite R-Truth's best efforts at his first WWE pay-per-view event, the United States Champion stood tall as the one showing his opponent, and the WWE Universe, "What's up." With another successful title defense under his belt, which SmackDown Superstar will step up next in attempts to de-throne the Gold Standard? Is the battle between the champ and R-Truth over, or will it continue to boil on Friday nights?