Undertaker def. Big Show

PHOENIX -- Summoning power deep from within, Undertaker used his deadly submission hold to help eliminate Big Show in their brutally physical Last Man Standing Match. (PHOTOS)

The Phenom's win was a measure of revenge for No Mercy, where The World's Largest Athlete was able to do what perhaps no other Superstar has been -- knock out The Deadman.

The epic Cyber Sunday encounter was set by YOU, the WWE Universe, who chose the Last Man Standing Match over the other two options: I Quit Match and Knockout Match.

The titanic struggle included a powerful offense from both Superstars in an epic no disqualifications encounter.

Toward the end of the battle, The Phenom was on the receiving end of a hard right punch from Big Show, but was able to rise to his feet after an eight-count. Next, The Deadman took the full force of a steel chair to his head.

Despite feeling the effects of both assaults, Undertaker was able to lock Big Show in the same deadly submission hold he has used to vanquish many opponents on SmackDown. With both Superstars physically drained, it was Undertaker who was able to rise to his feet just before the 10-count and claim not only the win, but sweet revenge.

The loss was also a blow for SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero who has aligned herself with Big Show to help do her bidding. But, now that Undertaker has proven he can stop The World's Largest Athlete, who can stop the demon from Death Valley on Friday nights?