Rey Mysterio def. Kane in a No Holds Barred Match

PHOENIX -- As voted by the WWE Universe with 39 percent of the vote, Rey Mysterio battled against Kane in a No Holds Barred bout that seemed to help even what appeared to be insurmountable odds the Ultimate Underdog was facing, allowing him to pick up the win. (PHOTOS)

Only three weeks ago, the Master of the 619 went one-on-one against his nemesis Kane, with the stipulation being that if Mysterio lost, he would have to unmask. Despite the relentless punishment he endured, Rey was victorious by disqualification after Kane became so frustrated with his inability to put the Ultimate Underdog away, that he struck him with a steel chair.

At Cyber Sunday, the brutality the Big Red Monster imparted on Rey reached new heights, but Mysterio proved once again that his spirit was stronger than whatever Kane threw at him. In the end, Kane went to put Rey down for the count, but the Ultimate Underdog reversed it and hit the 619 allowing him to be the one standing victorious.

Ever since Mysterio's surprising return, the Big Red Monster's goal has been to rid WWE of the Ultimate Underdog. Even after all the punishment Kane has put him through in effort to destroy the spirit of the Master of the 619, Kane's frustrations continue to grow as Mysterio gets up time and time again, win or lose, and keeps on fighting.

This may not have been the end of the road for the battle of good and evil that these two are enthralled in, but on this very night, it was the Ultimate Underdog, the essence of good throughout WWE, that towered over the menace Kane as the victor.