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Capitol Punishment : Full Details

Alex Riley def. The Miz

Since Capitol Punishment fell on the same date as Father’s Day, there’s only one question for The Miz: Who’s your daddy? From the looks of things, the answer continues to be Alex Riley. Once again, A-Ry took his former boss to the woodshed for a lesson in

WWE Champion John Cena def. R-Truth

After nearly ending John Cena’s WWE Title reign at Capitol Punishment in Washington, D.C., the delusional R-Truth got “got” in a volatile main event that culminated with a “splash.”

World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Christian

Randy Orton managed to retain the World Heavyweight Championship amid controversy. While Christian tried to filibuster the official to reverse his decision, Orton vetoed the argument and found retribution by nailing Captain Charisma with the World Title.

Ezekiel Jackson def. Wade Barrett (New Intercontinental Champion)

The intense dislike between former allies Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson took center stage in an absolutely brutal battle for the Intercontinental Championship that rocked WWE Capitol Punishment to the “Corre.”

CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio

At Capitol Punishment, CM Punk secured a sound victory over longtime enemy Rey Mysterio, closing the latest chapter on their storied rivalry and positioning Punk to “do the most honest thing the WWE Universe has even seen.”

Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston (New United States Champion)

Together with business associate Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler found a way to dethrone Kofi Kingston and capture the United States Championship.

Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show

Hungry for payback, Big Show only had one thing on his mind entering Capitol Punishment – not only defeating, but decimating Alberto Del Rio. But it didn't quite go that way, as an unexpected turn of events helped give Del Rio a huge upset win.

Evan Bourne def. Jack Swagger

At WWE Capitol Punishment – in a special bonus attraction – Evan Bourne engaged in another fast-paced match-up with The All-American American Jack Swagger.