Finlay def. Mark Henry (Belfast Brawl)

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- With a little help from his son, Hornswoggle, Finlay defeated Mark Henry in a Belfast Brawl. (WATCH: Post-match interview | PHOTOS)

Under the match rules -- with just about anything and everything legal -- kendo sticks, metal trash cans, steel ring steps and Finlay's trusty shillelagh were all used as accessories to batter each other.

WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas tried to help out the World's Strongest Man by smashing Finlay with a metal trash can lid in the knee. However, the Belfast Brawler kicked the Hall of Famer back down to the arena floor.

In Finlay's corner, Hornswoggle was able to provide a little more assistance. After Henry smashed one of Finlay's shillelaghs over his knee, the Irishman's son was able to toss a replacement in the ring. Finlay used it to take down the massive Mark Henry.

The victory was a measure of revenge for Finlay, who -- along with Hornswoggle -- lost to Henry & WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas on ECW last week. (PHOTOS | WATCH)