WWE SuperCard Season 4 update announced for iOS, Android

A new season of WWE mobile gaming is now in the cards for the WWE Universe.

As first revealed in a conference call with WWE COO Triple H and Cat Daddy Games producer Adam Plotkin, WWE and 2K announced the upcoming release of WWE SuperCard Season 4 for iOS and Android. The major update, scheduled for release in November 2017, will add new modes, cards and more for 2K’s popular WWE mobile game.

“Whether you are a current fan of WWE SuperCard or a player who’s been in an earlier season or someone who’s yet to download it and play, there’s something for you in WWE SuperCard Season 4,” Triple H said. “Everybody should be ready to download and play it for free when it goes live on Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store this November.”

WWE SuperCard Season 4 will offer a wide assortment of new features for 2K's WWE card battle game. Below are four highlights from what 2K and Cat Daddy Games have in store:


New Card Tiers and Card Catalog

Over 250 new cards will join the competitive mix in WWE SuperCard, adding several Superstars across different tiers called Beast, Monster and Titan.

These new cards feature competitors from across the WWE Universe, creating the chance for players to compete as past and present grapplers from Raw, SmackDown LIVE and WWE NXT, including some who may achieve the milestone of appearing in a WWE mobile game for the first time.

"You know, I think there were certain points as a WWE Superstar where there's like things that say you made it, right?" Triple H said.

"There is that moment you get on Raw. There's that moment that you win your first championship. There is that moment when they show you your first action figure. There's that moment when you get your first t-shirt, and there is one hell of a moment when you are a character in your first video game."


New unified Player vs. Player (PvP) Leagues and the all-new Elimination Chamber Game Mode

WWE SuperCard’s PvP system will now give players the opportunity to compete in three different modes: War (formerly “Ranked”), Royal Rumble and the all-new Elimination Chamber. Modes rotate weekly and offer opportunities to accrue Competitive Points and Momentum that can be used to obtain new cards and powerful boosts in league play. 

“We’re going to be adding a new exciting game mode called Elimination Chamber to that fold,” Plotkin said. “We’re going to really build a new system around that, letting players work their way up through leagues, battling through bronze, silver, gold leagues to prove that they’re the best out there and then earning exclusive rewards based on their performance.”


A revamped King of the Ring mode

King of the Ring 2.0 will expand the celebrated tournament mode to include 32 players across four different groups. Instead of waiting until the end of the tournament, players will now earn rewards as they progress through their King of the Ring groups.

“[King of the Ring] seems like a mode that everyone plays every two days through those 48-hour tournaments,” Plotnik said. “We just want to get players into and out of the action faster, really highlight the best that that game mode has to offer and definitely provide some new and exciting rewards along the way.”


A refreshed look-and-feel to the in-game experience

2K and Cat Daddy Games will make major changes to WWE SuperCard’s in-game artwork, including new animations, environments and the User interface. Players will also find improvements in the game’s social system and team management, bringing 2K’s WWE mobile game to a level that The Game feels is worthy of the WWE Universe’s lofty expectations.

“The goal on anything that WWE touches is to give a product that’s worthy of our fans’ passion,” Triple H said. “I think we have the most passionate fan base in the world, and they’re very demanding, you know, and they should be. And I think doing this like we do, it’s a way for us to constantly improve the product that our fans deserve.”

WWE SuperCard, which is developed by Cat Daddy Games in conjunction with Visual Concepts, is available now to download free of charge on the App Store for iOS devices, as well as the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android devices.