Cody Rhodes faces off against Shinsuke Nakamura

Cody Rhodes faces off against Shinsuke Nakamura

Next week, Cody Rhodes throws down with Shinsuke Nakamura after being blinded by red mist two weeks ago on Raw. 

On Raw this past Monday, Nakamura explained his actions, stating he needed to end The American Nightmare’s story so he could re-begin his. 

Despite never competing against each other one-on-one, Rhodes and Nakamura share a common thread: Both won the Royal Rumble but could not win a world title at WrestleMania. 

With The American Nightmare looking to get his storybook ending back on track, Nakamura will be a tough opponent on his road to the end. 

Which former Royal Rumble winner will come out on top? Find out next week at 8/7 C on USA! 

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