Mickie James def. Emma

Mickie James vs. Emma: Raw, Aug. 14, 2017

The bitter Emma gets the chance to prove herself against the battle-tested Mickie James.

Emma’s one-woman crusade for the spotlight has certainly raised some eyebrows (she lost a close Triple Threat Match last week, after all), but it hasn’t exactly endeared her to women like Mickie James. The six-time Women’s Champion took exception to Emma’s all-about-me mindset in a backstage confrontation and put her in her place in a match later in the show, though Emma was all over her decorated foe from jump.

That James claimed the win was more a matter of her veteran savvy than a lack of skill on Emma’s part; a scramble near the ropes left an overzealous Emma open for a split second, and James threaded the needle with a pinpoint kick to the chin to claim the 1-2-3. A narrow miss, but Emma might make it all about her yet.

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