What does Charlotte have in story for Sasha & Becky?

Charlotte looks ahead to her first WrestleMania match: Raw, March 14, 2016

Before Raw, the Divas Champion discusses her long and storied history with her WrestleMania opponents, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

On Raw, the WWE Universe learned that Divas Champion Charlotte has asked to stand “face-to-face-to-face” with her WrestleMania No. 1 contenders Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks tonight on SmackDown.

Considering that she is preparing to put the butterfly-emblazoned title on the line against challengers that are so dangerous — both of whom have a storied history with the calculating titleholder — what exactly does Charlotte have planned for The Irish Lass Kicker and The Boss? Is she luring her adversaries into a trap? Is it just a chance to play more mind games as only a Flair can do?

Charlotte said that her fellow Divas can’t run forever from their past. What did she mean by that? Or perhaps the real question is: How long will it take before order completely breaks down? Find out tonight on USA Network?

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