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December 13, 2011

Before The Rock or John Cena, there was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The WWE Hall of Famer is profiled in a new four-disc DVD entitled “Stone Cold” Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time. In it, Austin’s life and career are chronicled from his start at World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas, Texas to his rise as arguably the most popular WWE Superstar of all time.

 "Stone Cold's" powerful crowd reactions
As a fan of professional wrestling growing up in Texas, I was aware of then “Stunning Steve” Austin from the very beginning. I was also familiar with his story, fired by Eric Bischoff at World Championship Wrestling before becoming the face of the WWE Attitude Era. (PHOTOS) What I wasn’t aware of was just how difficult his road to those two points was. In the two-plus-hour documentary, Austin and his contemporaries detail those challenges. Among the fascinating tidbits to the Austin story include the role that Michael P.S. Hayes played in developing Austin’s finishing move and his relationship with the late Owen Hart.

The four-disc DVD is loaded with extras (the Blu-ray has even more), including some of Austin’s favorite matches from his days at World Class Championship Wrestling through WWE. Do yourself a favor; make sure to watch his evolution not just as a wrestler, but as a performer. His promos from his stint in ECW give you a sneak peek at the character we would know as “Stone Cold.” (PHOTOS)

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was the ultimate anti-hero. We identified with his

 Vince McMahon on "Stone Cold's" infamous bed pan bashing
attitude, especially toward his boss. Not me, of course, I love all my bosses. If Hogan ruled the ’80s, then "Stone Cold" at least molded the ’90s. Austin 3:16 says, “You’ll really like this DVD!”

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Robert Flores, a lifelong WWE fan, is currently an anchor for ESPN SportsCenter and ESPNEWS. He is on Twitter @RoFloESPN

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