Diva of the Decade

Trish Stratus: Diva of the Decade

Not only is Trish one of the greatest Women's Champions in WWE history, she is also one of the sexiest Divas as well. On occasion, Trish has been able to incorporate her in-ring skills and sex appeal into her match strategy. 

In June 2002, Trish defended her Women's Championship against Terri in a Lingerie Match on RAW. Once again Trish's competition fell to Stratusfaction, as Trish retained her gold.

Two months later, Trish battled Stacy Keibler in a special match assigned by then-RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff. A Bra & Panties Mud Match was Bischoff's choice, and Trish once again didn't disappoint in her efforts during the contest. After being shoved into the pool of mud by a Stacy sneak attack, Trish battled back. The two Divas went at it, even pulling referee Charles Robinson into the pool of mud with them. Trish eventually threw Stacy out of the pool of mud and pinned her for the win. Trish was covered in mud, but she was victorious nonetheless.

A Paddle on a Pole Match for the Women's Championship was Stacy's next opportunity to dethrone Trish. To win the match, the participants had to strip their opponent down to her bra and panties. Afterwards, the winner would be able to spank the loser with the paddle which she retrieved. Once again, Trish was victorious by disrobing Stacy, and after the match, Trish paddled Stacy to the fans' delight. Needless to say, the crowd was whipped into a frenzy and the Women's Champion once again came out on top.

In November, Trish took on Torrie Wilson in an inter-brand Bikini Match on the UPN "Super Tuesday" special. It was a tough decision for the audience as both Divas showed off their assets. Before a decision was announced, however, Nidia came out and attacked Torrie. Trish came to her opponent's aid, and both Divas teamed up to rid the ring of Nidia. Trish and Torrie then celebrated afterwards, hugging one another. Trish showed that she is not only a fierce competitor, but also a caring individual who will lend a helping hand towards a fellow Diva in need.

In December, the Christmas spirit was definitely in the air as Trish teamed with Stacy and Jacqueline to take on Victoria, Molly Holly & Ivory in a Santa's Little Helper Match. In the end Trish's team was victorious when she nailed Ivory with Stratusfaction.

Later that month, Trish was voted Babe of the Year by WWE.com fans for the second consecutive year. In fact, Trish was Babe of the Year three times in a row; from 2002-2004, Trish posed for several photo shoots celebrating her victories until she was dethroned by Stacy Keibler in 2005.

On January 14, 2003, Trish's efforts earned her the ultimate award on a special night for WWE as a whole. It was the RAW 10th Anniversary Special, and the Diva of the Decade award was to be handed out. A well-deserved Trish Stratus was the recipient of the award, cementing her as the number one Diva in sports-entertainment.

Trish continues to impress with her in-ring abilities and beautiful physique, and another Diva of the Decade award is not far-fetched for this phenomenal woman.

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