The 7's: Maria's Get Lucky Fashion Tips, No. 1

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February 16, 2007

Each month, Raw Diva Maria lays down her seven "Do's and Don'ts" of fashion. Are you in or out? Find out now.

In (Ow Ow!)

1. Leopard accessories: A little bit of the wild never hurt anyone… And everyone has a wild side -- grrrr, baby.
2. Red hot stilettos: They make any outfit stand out.
3. Nude lips: Naked lips are so sexy.
4. Wearing wide leg jeans and trousers.
5. Shiny clothes: Get your shine on like a star.
6. Wedgies: And I mean shoes -- chunky shoes are in.
7. Polka dots: They are always a fun print -- the "American Dream" has it right!

Out (Oh No!)
Is that a joke?

1. Wild animal wardrobe: Someone should not be scared that you are going to attack them while you are walking down the street — less is more.
2. Looking like a Christmas tree because of all the ruffles: Ruffles are in, but don't over do it!
3. Mini-dresses at the airport: Mini-dresses are very sexy, but wear some opaque tights if you are at the airport — unless you are a stripper, then go on with your bad self girl!
4. Muted colors: Dull is not pretty — go with bright colors or black and white.
5. Red lips: Dark eyes and bright lips are too much, but I am sure they will be back in by summer.
6. Fur: Nice boots, Melina — hehe. Just kidding…or am I?
7. A bad attitude: I think that is self explanatory...

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