Match Recap

WrestleMania IX - Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzales

In late 1992, Undertaker found himself embroiled in a rivalry with Kamala and his manager, Harvey Wippleman. After the Deadman defeated Kamala in a Casket Match at Survivor Series, Wippleman went looking for another charge to take on Undertaker. What he found was the nearly 8-foot tall Giant Gonzales, who left his mark by choking out the Deadman at the 1993 Royal Rumble and eliminating him from the match.

Their showdown was set for WrestleMania IX, and it was to be Undertaker's biggest test to date. In an attempt to get into his opponent's head, Undertaker rode to the ring on the back of a Roman chariot with vultures by his side.

During the match, the two men brawled back and forth, with neither man being able to subdue his opponent long enough to claim the victory. Finally, after several attempts to take down Undertaker failed, Wippleman gave Gonzales a rag soaked with ether. The giant monster used the rag to smother the Deadman into unconsciousness; while the task succeeded, it drew a disqualification, giving Undertaker the victory.

Undertaker was taken out of the ring on a stretcher, but before getting back to the locker room, the Deadman rose off the stretcher and ran back to the ring to attack Gonzales one more time. FAQsOnline Pay-Per-View Events

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