Match Recap

WrestleMania 22 - Undertaker vs. Mark Henry in a Casket Match

At WrestleMania 22, Undertaker put another notch in his proverbial WrestleMania belt, defeating Mark Henry in a Casket Match to run his WrestleMania record to a perfect 14-0.

Early in the match, Henry tried to use his size and power to drop the Deadman. He sent Undertaker crashing into the steel ring steps at one point, but the Deadman made a comeback. After the Deadman went Old School, he rolled Henry into the casket, but the World's Strongest Man landed feet-first. The two men then battled inside the casket, and Undertaker rolled Henry back into the ring.

Once back in the ring, Henry made a comeback, even hitting the World's Strongest Slam. Normally, that would finish most opponents, but Henry could not roll the Deadman into the casket. Instead, they battled into the corner, where Undertaker muscled Henry into a Last Ride out of the corner. Henry was then sent out of the ring, and Undertaker followed up with a breathtaking suicide dive, clearing the top rope and the casket to crash into Henry on the arena floor.

Back inside the ring, the Deadman quickly hit a Tombstone Piledriver and was easily able to roll Henry into the casket. Undertaker shut the lid, winning the first-ever Casket Match in WrestleMania history. FAQsOnline Pay-Per-View Events

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