August 21, 2005 - SummerSlam - Randy Orton defeats Undertaker

Since arriving in WWE, Randy Orton has taken out some of the biggest legends in the history of the business. Over the last few years, countless Hall of Famers and World Champions have fallen at the feet of the cocky young superstar as he developed a reputation around the world as the Legend Killer. In 2005, Randy Orton turned his attention to one Superstar who he had never “killed” before. That man was the legend of all WWE legends, the Undertaker.   

In the months leading up to WrestleMania 21, Randy Orton was without an opponent. On an episode of RAW, WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham confronted Orton and told him that now was the time for him to step up and set himself apart. Taking Graham’s words to heart, Orton made a challenge to Undertaker for a match at WrestleMania. At WrestleMania 21, Orton came within inches of defeating the Deadman and ending his WrestleMania undefeated streak, but it was not meant to be as the Phenom put Orton away with a Tombstone Piledriver.

For most people, one unsuccessful meeting with the Undertaker is enough to scare them away forever. But for Orton, beating Undertaker was not just a desire. According to the Legend Killer, it was his destiny, and so he challenged the Deadman to a return match at SummerSlam.

After their intense and dramatic WrestleMania match, it would have been easy for their SummerSlam showdown to provide a letdown. But on this night at SummerSlam, the elite Superstars provided nothing short of a classic. Undertaker was willing to do anything to protect his legacy, and Orton claimed it was his destiny to spit in the face of the Undertakers legacy were more than prepared for the contest.

In a back and forth match full of near-falls, Orton and the Phenom reversed each other’s signature maneuvers on numerous occasions. As the match wore on, Undertaker began to take the advantage. The future Hall of Famer appeared to put Orton down for the count with a thunderous Chokeslam when what appeared to be an overanxious fan, (who was later revealed to be Bob Orton), jumped in the ring. Undertaker, and several WWE officials teamed up to remove the man from the ring, but the distraction proved deadly. When the Phenom turned around, Orton was waiting and nailed Undertaker with an RKO. Three seconds later, Orton was triumphant and another Legend had been killed.  

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