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Jinder Mahal






Punjab, India

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Camel Clutch

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Jinder Mahal: Bio

Birthed into Indian royalty, Jinder Mahal is accustomed to having only the finest things in life, and that extends from his well-tailored suits to the ornate, lavishly decorated sherwani he wears to the ring. But beneath the posh robes and suits lies a man who is actually a ruthless and physical competitor in the ring.

Mahal revealed himself to be a master manipulator in his first days in WWE, convincing The Great Khali to turn on his own brother, Ranjin Singh, and join the vocal villain to form a new power duo destined to dominate. Backed by the 7-foot former World Heavyweight Champion, Mahal made good use of his fierce full-nelson slam to rack up an impressive winning streak.

Following a fallout with the towering Punjabi powerhouse, Mahal aligned with Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater to form 3MB. The rockers meddled in each others' matches and annoyed their fellow Superstars with their antics. Though 3MB never captured championships, Mahal and his bandmates made their mark in WWE, even if they had to pester their way to it.

3MB disbanded in June 2014, but Mahal surprisingly returned alongside Slater in August 2016. When forced to face his buddy with a Raw roster spot on the line, Mahal wasted no time to ruthlessly kick Slater to earn the Raw contract. Although he is no longer aligned with Slater, Mahal has gone on to forge a new alliance with Rusev.

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