The WWE Universe just wasn’t big enough for two Sin Caras.

On SmackDown, in a Mask vs. Mask Match in Mexico City, Sin Cara “Negro” submitted to Sin Cara “Azul.” Refusing to reveal his face following his defeat, the dark Sin Cara doppelganger had his mask forcibly removed by his cobalt counterpart, introducing the world to Hunico.

Now with his face uncovered for all to see, this high-flying Superstar looks to leave his mark on the WWE landscape. Powered by his proud Mexican heritage and an extensive background in the art of lucha libre, Hunico appears poised for big things in the ring.

Whether he is soaring off the top turnbuckle or arm dragging his adversary to the ground, he has a full arsenal of electrifying maneuvers. Acrobatic, athletic and lethal, Hunico is eager to prove to the world that, mask or no mask, he is a dangerous opponent for anyone in WWE.