Ric Flair's Title History


WHOO! Ric Flair is a 16-time World Champion...enough said, right? Well, in addition to that, Flair is also a multiple time World Tag Team Champion, as well as a former Intercontinental and United States Champion.

WWE Championship (2 times)
1/19/1992, Royal Rumble: won 30-man Royal Rumble for vacant title
9/1/1992: def. Randy Savage

WCW Championship (6 times)
12/27/1993, Starrcade: def. Vader
12/27/1995, Starrcade: def. Randy Savage
2/11/1996, SuperBrawl: def. Randy Savage
3/16/1999, Uncensored: def. Hollywood Hogan
5/15/2000, Nitro: def. Jeff Jarrett
5/29/2000, Nitro: awarded from Kevin Nash

NWA World Heavyweight Championship (8 times)
9/17/1981: def. Dusty Rhodes
11/24/1983, Starrcade: def. Harley Race
5/24/1984: def. Kerry von Erich
8/7/1986: def. Dusty Rhodes
11/26/1987, Starrcade: def. Ron Garvin
5/7/89, WrestleWar: def. Ricky Steamboat
1/11/1991: def. Sting (became officially recognized as WCW Championship)
7/18/1993, Beach Blast: def. Barry Windham

Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
9/18/2005: def. Carlito

United States Championship (5 times)
7/29/1977: def. Bobo Brazil
4/9/1978: def. Mr. Wrestling
4/1/1980: def. Ricky Steamboat
4/19/1980: def. Jimmy Snuka
7/7/1996, Bash at the Beach: def. Konnan

World Tag Team Championship (3 times)
12/14/2003, Armageddon: w/Batista, def. the Dudleys (Tag Team Turmoil)
3/22/2004, RAW: w/Batista, def. Booker T & Rob Van Dam
11/5/2006, Cyber Sunday: w/"Rowdy" Roddy Piper, def. Spirit Squad

Royal Rumble (1 time)
1992: last eliminated Sid Justice (won vacant WWE Championship)

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