Beth Phoenix and Natalya taunt Eve on Twitter

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October 30, 2011

At WWE Vengeance, Eve put on a competitive match with current Divas Champion Beth Phoenix. Through use of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and sheer athleticism, the brainy beauty left many - including The Glamazon herself - surprised. But as tried to catch up with Eve, the former Divas Champion said she couldn't talk, as her ring gear had gone "missing."

Eve discovered the culprits via Twitter - as @TheBethPhoenix and @NatbyNature tweeted pictures of themselves posing with @EveMarieTorres' golden ring attire. For two "Sisters of Destruction" who are supposed to be "pin-up strong," the two may have left the WWE Universe wondering why they have sunk so low.

@NatbyNature: I dont know what's worse, the smell of @EveMarieTorres boots or her lack of fashion sense?

@NatbyNature: @TheBethPhoenix we need to have a locker room meeting on "people" with stinky boots. Gross.

@NatbyNature: @TheBethPhoenix I love how cute we look in this photo. But not a fan of cheap jewelry.

@NatbyNature: You left this in the locker room, @EveMarieTorres. Finders keepers, losers...

@NatbyNature: I'm taking matters into my own hands @EveMarieTorres. Your boots smell as bad as your lousy moonsault.

@TheBethPhoenix:No, @NatbyNature and I didn't go dumpster diving. We just borrowed @EveMarieTorres stuff.

@TheBethPhoenix:I've always wanted a cheap flea-market, turn your skin green necklace. Thanks, @EveMarieTorres!

@TheBethPhoenix: I guess @EveMarieTorres career isnt the only thing going down the toilet...


@TheBethPhoenix: Putting @EveMarieTorres' crap where it belongs

@TheBethPhoenix: Ooops!!! Ive been a very very naughty Glamazon ;) @NatbyNature why do u let me act so bad??!!

@TheBethPhoenix: I enjoy breaking hearts as much as breaking bones. Who's next?? #crybaby #crycry

Never one to back down, Eve responded to The "Sisters of Destruction" with some biting words of her own on Twitter.


@EveMarieTorres: @TheBethPhoenix @NatbyNature Talk about me all you want but take my things? #OhHeckNo We've just entered vale tudo zone. Hope u're prepared.

@EveMarieTorres: All the diamonds in the world couldn't make u classy. RT @NatbyNature: @TheBethPhoenix isn't that cheap looking? I'm a Tiifany's girl myself

@EveMarieTorres: Actually, it's just begun. RT @TheBethPhoenix: I guess @EveMarieTorres career isnt the only thing going down the toilet

What's next for these bickering beauties? Tune in on Raw Monday at 9/8 CT on USA Network to find out!

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