The evolution of the Divas division

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November 29, 2012

More importantly, it gives the current crop of Divas a chance to scale their own private mountaintop and make a name for themselves in the WWE ring. Consider Layla, who returned from a year-long sojourn due to knee surgery at Extreme Rules in April and won the Divas Title in her first match back. Tamina just returned from her own injury and immediately made an impact, putting the Divas division on notice as its resident powerhouse with a beatdown of both AJ Lee and Alicia Fox.

Elsewhere, Kaitlyn went from a bizarre love quadrangle on WWE NXT alongside Johnny Curtis, Derrick Bateman and Maxine to Beth Phoenix’s heir apparent as WWE’s pretty powerlifter, a surprise contender for the Divas Title who busts out power moves like the Torture Rack that would make any WWE Superstar, male or female, take some notice. Respect must be paid. Fellow fitness competitor and bodybuilder Aksana evolved from Teddy Long and Antonio Cesaro’s sultry arm candy to a strong, independent woman who’s free of a man and focused firmly on her own success. She’s also developed a brazen aggressive streak, attacking Kaitlyn in disguise on not one but two separate occasions before Divas Title Matches.

Natalya, who learned her trade in no less a school than the Hart Family Dungeon, didn’t achieve her life’s dream of a WrestleMania match but had one of our very favorite bouts of the year against Beth Phoenix on SmackDown. Alicia Fox remains on the periphery, but is impressive when given a chance to shine. Call us old-fashioned, but we find it hard to write off a Diva who packs as mean a scissor kick as she does.

And then, of course, there’s AJ. How many women do you know who went from the suppressed gal pal of a raging egomaniac to the former GM and occasionally vengeful sprite who put said egomaniac through a table, dumped him at the altar, took control of the show on which he wrestled and forced him into anger management within the span of a year?

But it’s tough to find a better Diva success story in the new landscape than Eve. She began 2012 as the archaically prototypical image of a woman in a man’s world: A damsel in distress, at the mercy of Kane and the object of Zack Ryder’s unrequited affections. Since then she changed the course of WWE single-handed with The Low Blow Heard ‘Round the World that installed John Laurinaitis as supreme GM. She then elevated herself to a position of power in not one but two separate administrations, recaptured the Divas title and revealed herself to be a dangerous jiu-jitsu practitioner worthy of the Gracie blue belt she earned outside the ring. She also won the million-dollar reality show, NBC’s “Stars Earn Stripes,” where she participated in a genuine boot camp.

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