'Champions' by Kevin Rudolf, featuring Limp Bizkit, Birdman and Lil Wayne, is an official theme song for Night of Champions

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September 03, 2012

WWE announced one of the new official theme songs for the Night of Champions pay-per-view!

The main theme song is “Champions,” a brand-new song by Kevin Rudolf featuring Limp Bizkit, Birdman and Lil Wayne. (LISTEN)

“Since the release of ‘I Made It,’ Birdman and I have wanted to do another song in the same vein, so I'm thrilled to be back with ‘Champions,’ which also features Wayne and my new label mate, Fred Durst,” Rudolf told WWE.com. “I'm honored that the WWE athletes will fight for the championship with this as the theme.”

Lil Wayne is equally thrilled to be a part of "Champions" as the official theme song of Night of Champions.

“From the greatest label in the world, Cash Money, comes the greatest song in the world, 'Champions,' by my man Kevin Rudolf featuring yours truly, Birdman and Limp Bizkit, for the greatest athletes in the world, WWE Superstars, as they throw down at Night Of Champions on Sept. 16, 2012. Hot!” Lil Wayne said.

“Champions” made its official debut on Raw on Sept. 3!

“The song, ‘Champions’ is a true representation of what Cash Money is all about,” Birdman told WWE.com. “Having Limp Bizkit, Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne and myself all collaborate on a true masterpiece is going to be a huge success and will be a defining song of 2012.”

Finally, Durst told WWE.com why he's happy to be part of the WWE family through his involvement in the Night of Champions theme song.

“Through the trials and tribulations of my life I continue to evolve and grow as an individual and artist,” Durst said. “Being part of Cash Money is an honor and having the opportunity to collaborate with Kevin Rudolf, Birdman and Lil Wayne on 'Champions' has given me a true taste of what family is all about. WWE is exactly the place this song needs to be because those athletes are true champions.”

The single “Champions” is not yet available for download. Stay tuned to KevinRudolf.com for more information on the forthcoming release.

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