Technical and Troubleshooting

Technical and Troubleshooting

How will I receive the video stream?

The technology used to lock down the content is called DRM (Digital Rights Management).  In order to be able to view the video streams, you need to have a license.  Sometimes you will see the message "acquiring license" and this window will appear. When you hit the play button, your video will begin to stream to your computer.

Will I need to disable my pop-up blocking software?

Yes, you should disable any pop-up blocking software before clicking the watch/subscribers or buy buttons. If your pop-up blocking software is enabled, it will interfere with your ability to order video streams.

Can I use Real, QuickTime, WinAmp or other players to view content? Legacy is only accessible to users with Windows Media Player 9 or higher.  All other players are not supported.  You should have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed & it should be the default browser. Download the latest version of Windows Media Player.

How do I make Windows Media Player the default media player on my computer?

To make Windows Media Player the default media player, please refer to the following instructions:
• Please open Windows Media Player (WMP).
• In the menu area at the top of the WMP window, click "Tools"
• If "Tools" is not visible, Right-click on the upper bar area on WMP and a Menu-list will appear.
• In the list that appears, choose "Options"
• In the window that opens, the "Player" tab will be the first tab displayed.
• Please select the "File Types" tab.
• Click "Select All", located below and to the right of the list.
• Click "Apply", located at the bottom of the "Options" window.
• Click "Apply" and then "OK" at the bottom of the "Options" Window.

A Note to AOL Users

AOL's embedded version of Internet Explorer is not compatible with our service.  Before clicking on the link to play our webcast, please do the following:
• Minimize your AOL program.
• Open up Internet Explorer (it's the blue "e" icon under the "Start" button or on your desktop)
• Navigate to our website and click on the link of the live stream speed you wish to view.
• This should open your stand-alone Windows Media Player (not the AOL media player) and acquire a license for the stream.

I'm having trouble acquiring a license. What can I do?

Please open Windows Media Player.
• Please choose Tools > Options.
• Choose the Player Tab; ensure that both "Download codecs automatically" and "Connect to the Internet" are chosen.
• Choose the Privacy Tab; ensure that the top four boxes are check marked.
• Please clear your History and Caches.
• Choose the Security Tab; choose "Zone Settings", Ok, Default, and Apply.
• Choose the File Types Tab, Select All, and Apply.
• Choose the Network Tab; Under "Streaming Protocols", un-check the first three protocols and then check-mark all four protocols.
• In the "Streaming Proxy Settings" area; highlight each protocol and choose "Configure."
• Choose "Autodetect" for each and Apply.

Close Windows Media Player and open Internet Explorer.

• In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Internet Options.
• Choose the Privacy Tab.
• Raise the slider to High; choose Default and Apply.
• This will reset your settings to Medium.
• Choose the Security Tab.
• Raise the slider to High; choose Default and Apply.
• If there is no slider; choose Custom, Medium, Reset, Default, and Apply.
• Please return to the General Tab.
• Please delete your Cookies and Temp Internet Files, including all Offline Content.

Next, please close Internet Explorer and then open it again to login into our site.  If this error persists, after reviewing the above, please contact our Live Chat Support.

What is a "Maximum Licenses" error?

When you purchase our webcasts, you are buying a single license to watch the webcast on only one computer ever.  Only click "Watch" from the one computer on which you plan to view the webcast.  You cannot move the license for the webcast once it is installed on the computer you first watch the webcast.  If you share your username and password, or login from another computer to try to view the webcast, you will lock out webcast access to all computers (including the original one). FAQsOnline Pay-Per-View Events

What are the system requirements?
Operating Systems supported: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista® or 7 with Intel® Pentium® II 450MHz, AMD Athlon® 600MHz or faster processor (or equivalent). Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6 with Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor. A minimum 128MB of RAM and 128MB of graphics memory is required all operating systems supported. Browsers (All browsers listed must have Flash 10.3 or above installed): Internet Explorer 7 and above; Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and above; Google Chrome 10 and above; Safari 4.0 and above