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July 13, 2012 You've won an Olympic gold and silver medal. Can you tell us what it takes to become an Olympic-caliber athlete?

Jennie Finch: Sacrifice, dedication, hard work, and so much more! It took many years, coaches, so many people helped me achieve my dream. I am so blessed by all the support over the years, starting with my parents who sacrificed so much to help me in pursuit of my dreams. Growing up did you watch WWE? Who do you remember as some of your favorite Superstars?

Finch: Yes, I had two older brothers that were really into  WWE! Hulk Hogan was my man! I loved him! Our Superstars all have "entrance themes." When their music hits, our fans love to cheer, and sometimes boo, as the Superstars make their way to the ring. What's the one track you'd pick to walk out to the squared circle to?

Finch: My entrance theme would have to be "American Woman." The music gets me fired up, and it’s also who I am – a proud American woman! It's our biggest event of the year, WrestleMania XXIX at MetLife Stadium. There's a record crowd chanting "Jennie! Jennie! Jennie!" while you are going one-on-one with our Divas Champion. What do you do to win and net the butterfly-emblazoned title?

Finch: Train hard, mentally prepare to dominate. I would love to jump into the ring from one of the corners! Our Superstars and Divas have a devastating "finishing move," which once it's hit on an opponent, the match is seemingly over. What would yours be called? 

Finch: The Backwards K. Two of our most physically imposing Divas, Beth Phoenix and Natalya take to Twitter and challenge you to strike them out in three pitches. Time for the high heat?


Finch: You’ve got it.  Always stick with the high heat and then maybe throw in a change up just for fun!


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