U.S. Paralympic Gold Medalist April Holmes talks to WWE.com

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June 20, 2012

In 2001, April Holmes could have given up. After a train accident took her left leg from the knee down, the Paralympic gold medalist and World Record holder could have sat in her hospital bed, feeling sorry for herself and the pain she was about to endure. 

But when there is a hero inside of you, those challenges are met with courage and strength.

"The doctor who did my surgery gave me some Paralympic magazines when I was in the hospital," Holmes told WWE.com. "At first I thought he was crazy, but then I thought to myself, 'You know what, you can do this.' That was my first real introduction the Paralympic Games."

The accident occurred in January 2001, and by the end of March, Holmes was up and walking — fast walking she says — on her prosthetic leg. She was living outside Philadelphia, and it was too cold with snow on the ground for her to really dig in to her training. 

"I just had it in my brain that I wanted three gold medals. Beginning to train, it was a process." the first woman of the Jordan brand said.

Just three years later, Holmes was breaking World Records and earning medals at the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece. And in 2008 in Beijing, Holmes brought home the gold.

Now, as the Paralympic trials approach for the Summer Games and her quest for more gold in the 100 and 200 meters in London, training seems to be easier.

"I'm in competitions every weekend, so I really get a chance to fine-tune things and become mentally prepared. It's also important to stay away from injuries."

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