R-Truth def. Brodus Clay

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December 15, 2013

HOUSTON — Bad news for the rump shakers on Planet Funk — it looks like the dance party may be over.

Displaying a demeanor that was more Michael Myers than Michael Jackson at WWE TLC, Brodus Clay fought so ugly against R-Truth that Tensai, Naomi and Cameron abandoned their friend in disgust. Clay, distracted by his pals leaving his side, was rolled up and pinned by Truth. With that, it became clear that the party people of Tons of Funk were no longer moving in sync.

Photos of the problems between Tons of Funk at WWE TLC

It was yet another setback for Clay, who pulled a major party foul when he gave Xavier Woods permission to use his spirited entrance — Funkadactyls and all — and then humiliated the rookie in a match on Raw in a fit of jealous rage.

Watch Clay destroy Woods on Raw

Unlike the young Woods, R-Truth would not be intimidated by the imposing big man. Using his speed and precision to keep The Funkasaurus off balance, Truth illustrated the benefits of a veteran’s experience in the squared circle.

Brodus battled back, though, eventually crotching Truth on the top rope and then pounding the former United States Champion into the mat with splashes, suplexes and even a heart punch. The grinning playfulness that normally defined Clay’s performances was pushed aside as he clinically picked apart his opponent with maneuvers designed to cause injury.

See the wicked side of The Funkasaurus

The disrespect the big man displayed towards R-Truth didn’t only insult the Houston crowd — it offended his entire entourage. When Clay prepared to send Truth into the steel ring steps, Sweet T stood in the way and demanded that his friend fight fairly. The Funkasaurus continued to abuse Truth, leading Tensai to confront his partner on the ring apron. When Clay exclaimed, “I’m a main event playa! I’m better than you,” Sweet T walked away and The Funkadactyls followed close behind.

With the abandonment diverting his attention, Clay was rolled up by the cagey Truth and beaten. It was a bitter moment for the boogie man, but an important one for the rapping Superstar. Tons of Funk’s soul train may have derailed, but R-Truth and Xavier Woods are sure to keep the party going. Now that’s what’s up.

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