WWE TLC 2012 predictions: Superstars weigh in on marquee matchups

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December 13, 2012

Sheamus vs. World Heavyweight Champion Big Show (Chairs Match)

Sentiments were mixed as to which Superstar will be leaving Brooklyn, N.Y., with the World Heavyweight Championship, reigning titleholder Big Show or former champion Sheamus. In their third-consecutive meeting on pay-per-view, the added stipulation of legal steel chairs, it seems, is enough to sway a few Superstars.

Road Dogg: I definitely know Sheamus wants it, and Big Show knows he wants it, too. Thirty-one chair strikes, to be precise, say how bad he wants it. But I know if Big Show gets a metal folding chair in his hands and hits anybody — and I mean, anybody — with it, they’re done. Sheamus can want it all he wants. Any man goes down when the giant hits you with a chair.

Zack Ryder: Big Show’s found this vicious streak, a newfound confidence since becoming the champion. In the Chairs Match environment, I think he’ll be able to beat Sheamus to retain the championship.

Titus O’Neil: Sheamus is definitely a Celtic Warrior, a hard worker and an extremely physical opponent, but I’ve just got a feeling that Big Show, being the largest athlete on the planet and possessing the strongest punch on the planet, is going to win.

Not everyone was on board with Big Show being the presumptive victor. Though the inclusion of metal folding chairs helped garner votes for The World’s Largest Athlete, at least one Superstar believes Sheamus’ anger toward Big Show will drive him toward his second World Heavyweight Title.

Tyson Kidd: First off, Sheamus and Big Show, and this isn’t really surprising, but they’ve been stepping it up to a much higher level lately, and I don’t think we’ve seen this intensity out of either guy, maybe ever. Show’s going in having dominated much of these last two matches, but I think that is maybe what Sheamus needed to relight some of that fire he had when he first jumped on the scene. This event is also where he won his first World Title, too, so I think Sheamus will get it done at WWE TLC.

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