World Heavyweight Champion Big Show def. Sheamus (Chairs Match)

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December 16, 2012

Big Show began to throw numerous chairs into the ring. Then, placing one of them on Sheamus, the massive Superstar dropped onto him from the top rope. After that, Big Show proceeded to set up two chairs — looking to drop Sheamus on top of them. But Sheamus countered at the last second, hitting White Noise on Big Show on the chairs.

When Sheamus attempted to end it with the Brogue Kick, however, Big Show moved, catching Sheamus on the ropes before hitting him with the KO Punch. But miraculously, the Irish Superstar kicked out!

Big Show was not done, though. Moving outside the ring, Show revealed a gigantic chair from under the ring, hitting the war-torn Sheamus with it for the huge win.

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