The Shield def. Evolution (No Holds Barred Elimination Match)

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June 01, 2014

The advantage was The Shield’s at this point. Evolution may have been the better team to a man — more championships, more experience, more accomplishments — but The Shield was the better team, period. And the way they cut off Triple H in their respective corner and took turns teeing off on him (including Rollins busting out the late Eddie Guerrero’s Three Amigos triple suplex on him) highlighted that.

But then the fight got ugly and Evolution showed what made them Evolution. Batista massacred Ambrose on the outside of the ring, pinballing him off the barricades with utter disdain. Somewhere in the Allstate Arena, Triple H knocked Rollins out cold with a piece of television equipment. With his partners both compromised, Reigns was left at the mercy of Evolution. Here was veteran wisdom on full display: they singled out The Shield’s strongest member, and then took him out with his own maneuver — a Triple Powerbomb through the Spanish announce table.

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Ambrose and Rollins valiantly threw themselves back into the fight, but they would be neutralized again when Evolution unloaded on them with steel chairs at the top of the entrance ramp. A Pedigree from Triple H to Rollins on a chair on the concrete floor all but nullified The Architect.

Back in the ring, Reigns found himself alone with Evolution once again — certainly no accident. At this point, Batista, Orton and Triple H made it clear that they weren’t just looking for victory — they were going to make a statement. Like three medieval sadists, they stripped Reigns off his flak jacket and shirt, laid him across the steel ring steps like a human sacrifice and took turns tearing up his back with kendo sticks.

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Reigns mustered a comeback by nailing Orton with a Superman Punch from the steps, but Evolution managed to put him down again. The numbers game — a term so often applied to The Shield — was continually used to describe Evolution in this bout.

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