El Torito def. Hornswoggle (Hair vs. Mask Match)

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June 01, 2014

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El Torito gives Hornswoggle a haircut

CHICAGO — The stakes were high as WWE’s biggest little rivalry came to a head, with El Torito and Hornswoggle risking something very personal as they clashed in a Hair vs. Mask match on the WWE Payback Kickoff. When the final bell rang, however, it was the miniature bull who remained masked, while 3MB’s sidekick had more than a little taken off the top.

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After having his tail torn from his hind quarters less than one week ago on Raw, El Torito was seeing red as he charged to the ring, clad in the colors of the Chicago Bulls. Hornswoggle tried to unmask his foe from the get-go, but caught a hoof to the jaw for his efforts.

The tiny titans knocked heads during the clash, knocking Hornswoggle’s equilibrium off and causing him to whiff on several maneuvers. Outside the ring, 3MB tried to distract the bull by taunting him with a pair of hedge clippers, only for Torito to emerge from a chase under the ring with the shears, much to the dismay of Heath Slater.

Los Matadores and 3MB neutralized each other with a series of high-flying dives over the ropes, leaving the two pint-sized brawlers to battle it out themselves. Hornswoggle nearly had the bout won after a powerbomb, but instead tried to rip the bull’s mask off. Unfortunately for him, Torito had a decoy mask on (or was that the bull’s true face?) and used the distraction to land his trademark bullsault for the win, forcing Hornswoggle to the barber’s chair.

Torito showed off his hairstyling skills, lowering the ears of his foe with the aid of scissors, electric clippers and a razor. While Hornswoggle’s locks may grow back, the embarrassment of having his head shaved in front of a packed Allstate Arena will ensure the tiny 3MB member thinks twice before tangling with El Torito again.

Watch WWE Payback on WWE Network this Sunday

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