Divas Champion Paige def. Alicia Fox

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June 01, 2014

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CHICAGO — Going into WWE Payback’s Divas Championship showdown between Paige and Alicia Fox, there was no telling what would happen. Would the unhinged Fox be able to unseat the youngest Divas Champion ever, just as she had defeated her on Raw two weeks earlier? Could the young titleholder continue her memorable title run and stay on top of the Divas division?

After weeks of bizarre behavior that left the WWE Universe scratching its collective head, there was no telling what the fiery Fox would do once she arrived at the Allstate Arena for her Divas Championship Match against the “Diva of Tomorrow.” The Foxy Floridian’s odd ringside antics, coupled with her non-title victory over the titleholder on the May 19 edition of Raw – in Paige’s native England, no less – set the stage for a huge Divas duel at the June 1 pay-per-view.

Watch Alicia Fox's post-match tantrum

Although the No. 1 contender has been soaking up the spotlight heading into Sunday's showdown, the determined Divas Champion has continued her impressive title reign as a fighting champion. After ending AJ Lee’s historic championship run on the April 7 edition of Raw in her WWE debut match and knocking off the imposing Tamina at Extreme Rules 2014, Paige has put on a show inside the squared-circle.

Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed “Queen” Alicia, Paige once again exhibited why she should not be underestimated. Fox’s erratic display continued during the match when the embattled Diva at one point began crying, but despite the distractions, Paige outfoxed her adversary.

Paige's WWE Payback win

After trading takedowns, the wily Fox seemed to be on the verge of victory, using her size advantage to throw around the British-born beauty. But the champion has made it a habit of overcoming bigger opponents, and massive odds. Just as it seemed Alicia was closing in for the kill, Paige turned the tables on Fox, trapping her fallen opponent in the Scorpion Crosslock.

Paige was clearly emotional as the referee awarded her the butterfly-emblazoned title and raised her hand in victory. So was the erratic Fox; though she refrained from dismantling the announcer’s table, but after receiving a post-match heckling from the raucous Chicago crowd, stormed off on the verge of tears.

After WWE Payback’s memorable match, what does the future hold for the “Diva of Tomorrow” and her Foxy foe? 

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