WWE Champion John Cena def. Ryback (Three Stages of Hell Match)

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June 16, 2013

Just when it looked like Cena’s fate was sealed, the WWE Champion managed to reverse Shell Shocked and send Ryback through the pine with an Attitude Adjustment. The Three Stages of Hell Match was now even, but the Superstar from Sin City still held the upper hand — something he made abundantly clear when he viciously powerbombed Cena through the announce table.

The rules of the Ambulance Match dictated that a Superstar had to place his opponent in the vehicle and close the doors in order to win. These dangerous stakes led Ryback to drag Cena up the entryway of the Allstate Arena into a chaotic environment of sharp steel and unforgiving concrete. Sensing that both his WWE Title and physical wellbeing were now in serious jeopardy, Cena brought the fight to Ryback, blasting him with crutches and throwing him into the side of the ambulance with such force that the door flew off.

Remember the Ambulance Match between Kane and Shane McMahon?

The ambulance itself became a weapon as the "Human Wrecking Ball" tore off a piece of paneling and teed off on the champion. The two Superstars then scrambled onto the vehicle's hood, where Cena whacked his destructive opponent with the ambulance’s flashing lights. No matter what The Champ hit Ryback with, the monster continued to come forward — until both men stood atop the ambulance.

As the capacity Chicago crowd hit their feet, the Cenation leader hoisted all 290-pounds of Ryback onto his shoulders and executed an Attitude Adjustment, plunging him right through the steel roof. Not only was it a physically remarkable feat, but it was strategically brilliant — by putting Ryback inside the ambulance, Cena had won the match and successfully defended his WWE Title.

The brutality of Three Stages of Hell had clearly taken its toll on The Champ, but as Cena rose to embrace the WWE Universe with his title in hand, it was apparent that even the devil himself would have second thoughts about testing this man’s resolve.

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