10 Instances of Superstars Going Over the Limit

Over the weight limit

The structural integrity of the WWE squared circle is put to the test nightly in the form of multi-Superstar tag matches and the occasional battle royal. But at WWE Vengeance 2011, it took only two warriors – granted, one was The World’s Strongest Man, and the other was The World’s Largest Athlete – to collapse the ring.

This ground-shaking development occurred October 2011 when Big Show challenged for Mark Henry’s World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Vengeance in San Antonio. During the contest, the 7-foot Show, who’s listed at a svelte 441 pounds, ventured up to the top rope for a rare aerial maneuver. The 412-pound Henry halted his giant foe in his size 22 EEEEE tracks, and positioned him for a superplex.

The WWE Universe in attendance let out an audible gasp upon realizing what Henry had in mind. As the two bulls crashed onto the mat, ring posts broke free, ropes sagged and the canvas-covered platform sank, much to the crowd’s shock and delight.