Over the limit, under arrest

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May 07, 2012

Case No. 09221997

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was an anti-authority figure without peer, and during the Sept. 22, 1997 edition of Raw, The Texas Rattlesnake’s heretical behavior boiled over, culminating in a legendary Stunner and a trip to the slammer.

After Austin attacked Owen Hart in the ring, violating a restraining order filed by Hart one week earlier, a team of local police officers entered the scene and made overtures that they would arrest him. At that moment, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon rose from his seat at the broadcast table and entered the ring in an ill-advised attempt to calm the hot-tempered “Stone Cold” and help one of WWE’s biggest Superstars avoid jail time.

The perhaps well-intentioned act did not go unnoticed by “Stone Cold.” Instead of a sincere “thanks,” though, Austin responded in true Texas Rattlesnake fashion, delivering a Stunner to WWE’s head honcho.

The Stunner – the first of many that McMahon would suffer over the years – sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe, but only temporarily delayed Austin’s incarceration. With chaos unfolding around them, the police officers swarmed Austin and locked on the cuffs before escorting him out of the arena. The insolent Superstar smiled all the while.

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