Over the limit, under arrest

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May 07, 2012

Case No. 08261991

For years, the WWE Universe knew exactly whom to turn to for its law and order: Big Boss Man. A former correctional officer from Cobb County, Ga., the 300-plus-pound Boss Man, as his entrance theme exclaimed, carried “a big stick” (his baton), and “a ball and chain, too” (he didn’t).

In 1991, however, “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart introduced a new enforcer to the WWE scene in the form of Jacques Rougeau who, despite having no apparent ties to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, went by the moniker "The Mountie," dressed like Dudley Do-Right and claimed to uphold the law of his native Canada.

Fancying himself as the only Superstar capable of carrying out the law, Boss Man took affront to The Mountie’s presence. Moreover, the upstanding Boss Man opposed The Mountie’s brutish tactics, which included using his “shock stick” - often against already downed opponents.

At SummerSlam 1991, held in New York’s Madison Square Garden, the rivalry came to a head in a Jailhouse Match, which carried this fitting stipulation: The loser would have to spend the night in a New York City jail cell.

The Mountie erred prior to the bout by telling police officers on hand that he did not want them to treat the match’s loser with kiddy gloves. In fact, he encouraged them to be rough “like the Mounties.”

That demand would come back to haunt The Mountie, who Boss Man overcame that night. Following the pinfall, Boss Man held down The Mountie until the police could arrive to slap on the handcuffs. At various points throughout the remainder of SummerSlam 1991, the WWE Universe watched with glee as the loudmouth Mountie was fingerprinted and booked.

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