World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus won the Fatal 4-Way Match

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May 20, 2012

Taking the battle to the outside of the ring, WWE’s Apex Predator and the World Heavyweight Champion once again left their opponents reeling and immediately returned to the ring to face off with one another. The WWE Universe watched anxiously as both Superstars challenged each other and finally went on the offensive.

Returning to the ring, Del Rio and Jericho formed an alliance to attack the venomous Viper and the World Champion. But as Fatal 4-Way Matches typically go, the cohesion between The Mexican Aristocrat and WWE’s first-ever Undisputed Champion was short-lived. As Del Rio and Jericho erupted, the true nature of the Fatal 4-Way was exposed, it was now every Superstar for himself.

When the dust settled, Jerry Lawler summed up the match perfectly by saying, “There was never a time that anyone had a clear advantage.” Momentum is key inside the squared circle, but it was never clearly in anyone’s grasp. The elite Superstars vying for the World Title knew that the only way to come out on top was to seize moments and opportunities. Jericho, fueled by his anger toward an article on questioning whether he should have returned (FULL  STORY), was the clear victor in terms of timing moments to take out his opponents with a Code Breaker or locking them in the devastating Walls of Jericho. There were many times when Jericho was half a count away from claiming the World Title.

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