WWE Champion CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan

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April 30, 2012

"How many near falls have there been in this match, not to mention the submission predicaments?" Jerry “The King” Lawler wondered aloud, as Punk and Bryan warred on to the sounds of the WWE Universe's dueling chants of “Daniel Bryan” and “CM Punk” (and, occasionally, “Yes!” and “No!").

Punk and Bryan’s intimate knowledge of each other's move sets was obvious, as they reversed signature holds and tried valiantly to check kicks and block elbow strikes. As Punk built momentum, he nailed his trademark high running knee in the corner.

Yet, when Punk tried for the second half of his patented combo, the running bulldog, his effort was blocked by Bryan and reversed into a “Yes!" Lock.

Although the lock was clamped on for several moments, the WWE Champion nonetheless had the wherewithal to use Bryan's momentum against him. As Bryan applied more pressure and leaned back on the hold, Punk turned the dangerous lock into a cradle for a stunning pinfall at the 24-minute mark.

The win, however, was not without controversy, as almost simultaneous with the pinfall, Punk visibly tapped out.

With Punk barely able to hold his championship overhead in an exhausted celebration, Bryan – who clearly believed he was wronged – jawed angrily with the referee.

For once all the “Yes!” man could say was, “No! No! No!”

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