WWE Champion CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan

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April 30, 2012

At the sound of the opening bell, Punk and Bryan began the contest with a feeling-out process in which they peppered each other with sharp kicks. The Second City Saint quickly went on the offensive, using submission holds – including an Indian Death Lock – against the self-proclaimed “submission specialist.” Throughout the bout, Punk would return again and again to Bryan’s left leg.

After avoiding a Punk baseball slide, however, Bryan rammed the WWE Champion back-first into the ringside barrier, further weakening Punk’s ribs, which appeared to have not yet healed from Kane’s attack Friday.

From there, Bryan attacked with pit bull-like tenacity. He kneed Punk’s midsection and used a torso-wrenching abdominal stretch to great effect.

Never one to be counted down, The Straight Edge Superstar would again turn the tables on his storied foe, reversing a Bryan kick into a dragon-screw leg whip before locking him into a seemingly inescapable figure-four – causing more damage to Bryan’s already smarting knee.

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