WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

#10 CJ Parker

"The Moonchild" CJ Parker
Last month: Unranked
Despite all the good vibes he put out, the NXT Universe booed CJ Parker to no end. “The Moonchild” just couldn’t comprehend it. Although he defeated Jason Jordan, losses to Cesaro and The Miz didn’t help the hippy’s fragile psyche.

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After a victory over Tye Dillinger with his vicious Third Eye palm strike, Parker decided he’d finally had enough of the fans bumming him out. CJ ran down the crowd for contributing to the erosion of the environment he strives to protect by driving his fuel-efficient Ford Fiesta. “The Moonchild” accused the “sheeple” in the arena of melting the polar ice caps, burning holes in the ozone layer, chopping down trees and poaching the animals he loves.

Despite his feelings about the NXT Universe’s recycling habits, there’s no doubt that CJ Parker’s new attitude has benefitted him in the ring. If he keeps it up, the NXT Championship might be in his grasps, though he might have a problem with the leather strap.