The rebirth of Tyson Kidd: The last Hart Dungeon graduate prepares for NXT Takeover

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May 27, 2014

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Tyson Kidd applies the Sharpshooter on Sami Zayn

Though he has been on WWE’s main roster for several years and even held the WWE Tag Team Championship, Tyson Kidd has recently established himself as one of the top grapplers in WWE NXT. Wrestling among the next generation of Superstars, The Hart Dungeon graduate has declared his time in NXT “the rebirth of Tyson Kidd.”

Kidd has his sights set on the NXT Championship, currently held by Adrian Neville. Before he challenges The Man That Gravity Forgot at NXT Takeover this Thursday, caught up with Kidd while he was training for the bout at home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The veteran high-flyer was candid about his reasons for competing in NXT, his opponent this Thursday and what the WWE Universe can expect from the live event on WWE Network.

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WWE.COM: A few weeks ago on WWE NXT, you said it was the rebirth of Tyson Kidd. What did you mean by that?

TYSON KIDD: It’s a fresh coat of paint, a whole new start and a way for the WWE Universe to see Tyson Kidd in a different light than they have for the first few years I’ve been on the main roster. I think they’ll see a more complete package. I’m a constant work in progress, always working on every aspect to get better and better. You’re always going to see a different Tyson Kidd. Not that I haven’t been in the past, but I’m more motivated, focused and driven than ever before.

WWE.COM: What are you out to prove by competing in NXT?

KIDD: I’m out to prove that NXT is not to be overlooked, that it’s not a stepping stone or an easy place to compete. Every single guy and girl down there is hungry. If you want to stay hungry, you have to compete with similar people. They’re so hungry and so driven, there’s a different type of atmosphere competing with these guys.

WWE.COM: Why did you decide to go after the NXT Championship?

KIDD: There are a couple reasons. First, look at Bo Dallas. He’s a former NXT Champion, the longest-reigning in history, and he had all those videos on Raw, SmackDown and Main Event. Everyone knew that he was coming. They may not know what he’s all about right now, but they know he’s coming.

Also, it’s a great way for me to make a huge impact and help NXT. It springboards me back into the main roster spotlight. I want to use that to bring more awareness to NXT. I want to win the title and defend it around the world and have it seen on “Total Divas.” I want the NXT Championship to be worldwide, so everybody knows what it is.

WWE.COM: You had to beat Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze to get the championship opportunity at Takeover. What did that match tell you about the competition level in NXT?

KIDD: It was fun and competitive. To be honest, the next day, I was sorer than I have been in years. I truly felt like I was hit by a truck. Those guys are so hungry. They look at Adrian Neville with the championship and see that he has the best chance to go up to the main roster next. He’s the leader of NXT.

In that Triple Threat Match, they were trying to win just as much as me. It’s not that they were hungrier than me, because I feel if they were, they would have won. I have tasted the main roster and I want more. They haven’t, so it’s a different type of drive and determination. Anybody could have won that match on any given night.

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