NXT Power Rankings: November 2013

#10 Tyler Breeze

Most people probably wouldn’t peg Tyler Breeze as a dangerous competitor. Those people would be very, very wrong. Though he spent most of his time as a runway model in Milan, Breeze has proven himself to be a vicious grappler, especially when you ruin one of his selfies.

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CJ Parker made the mistake of photobombing one of the vain grappler’s iPhone self-portraits, setting Breeze off. The runway model went to all lengths to fend off “The Moonchild,” using his smartphone as a weapon behind the official’s back to sneak out a pair of wins.

Breeze wasn’t content with defeating Parker. He wanted to embarrass him. He definitely did so on the Oct. 23 edition of NXT. After Parker was defeated by Alexander Rusev, Breeze slid into the ring with a pair of scissors and clipped off a few of “The Moonchild’s” colorful locks.

Though Parker defeated him one week later, Breeze escaped before his foe could give him a haircut.