Colin Cassady

Height: 6’10”
Weight: 276 lbs.
Hometown: Queens, NY
Twitter: @BigcassWWE

Growing up on the mean streets of Queens, N.Y., Colin Cassady found out very quickly that he had to learn to defend himself if he wanted to survive. It was in that borough where Cassady refined his trash-talking skills, developing into the brash and confident individual he is today.

Behind that bark is a proverbial sequoia of a man. Standing 6-foot-10, this brash New Yorker uses his considerable size and mass to his advantage. Bringing his own blend of street savvy and brutality to the squared circle, Cassady has laid out many NXT foes with his “East River Crossing” finishing move. Colin boasts: “Most people spend their whole lives trying to make it big, but I, well, I was born to be big!”

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