'The NXT Champ Report': Bo Dallas evaluates five of NXT’s rising stars

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December 04, 2013

Alexander Rusev

The Bulgarian brute has quickly become one of NXT’s most dominant and feared Superstars. Since joining forces with his social ambassador, Lana, the near 300-pounder has raised his game to a level some have deemed unstoppable. Driven by a clear-cut desire, Alexander Rusev wants streets and monuments built in his honor and a legacy that will last thousands of years.

Dallas: Alexander Rusev and Lana remind me of that duo from “Rocky IV.” I don't know if they've ever seen that movie, but I'm like a piece of iron he wouldn't be able to break. I’ll give him credit though, Rusev has been impressive. As for Lana, I think she’s attractive. (Giggles.) That earns him half a point. I give Alexander Rusev an 8.5.

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